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Vacation Essentials

All the beauty, health, and fitness items that are a MUST when traveling!


On Saturday, my boyfriend and I are heading to Miami for a couple days and then embarking on a cruise to the Bahamas and Key West. I couldn’t be more excited! This is the first real vacation we’ve had in two years and I am just dying to leave now!

I cannot wait to get a lot of relaxation, sun, and warm temps! We have everything mostly planned out and it’s filled with great food and plenty of beach time. I plan to blog about my vacation in paradise as well as upload a travel vlog if anyone is interested!

Vacation is all about enjoying yourself and since we live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, it’s okay to take the time to indulge. Don’t feel guilty about it! The biggest regret you’ll have is holding yourself back from missing out on these great opportunities and experiences. You don’t have to over-indulge, but have some drinks and get those crazy cool donuts you can’t get anywhere else. This is why it’s called a balanced lifestyle. There’s always room for those sweet treats in your diet.

I wanted to share some of my must-have items while traveling. These are the beauty, fashion, and fitness items I can’t leave my home without. Some of these are no-brainers but just as important!


I cannot stress enough the importance of sunblock and wearing it at all times when you’re outside sitting in the sun, no matter what your skin type is or who you are. I like the cream based sunblock as opposed to the spray because I always miss spots with the spray!! My favorite sunblock is Hawaiian Tropic because it has tropical scents like coconut instead of the standard sunblock-smell.

Sunglasses are kind of a no brainer but you need to protect your eyes just like you would your skin!

I used to think coverups were a waste but they’re really handy when you’re trying to go to a beach bar or a restaurant or other public place, it’s nice to just throw something on and still look presentable/allowed in the establishment. I like the coverups that resemble actual dresses because they’re so easy and look like you’re actually dressed! LOL

Eye Mask/Pillow/Sweatshirt

Essentials for flights mainly. I make sure I have a sweatshirt with me (even in the summer) because it doubles as a handy blanket for chilly flights. Eye mask will keep out the unwanted sun from your flight neighbors that insist on keeping the window open!

Mini Bands or Resistance Band Kit

If you chose to workout on vacation, bringing mini resistance bands or a resistance band kit is like bringing a tiny gym with you! There are so many exercises you can perform to create a mini workout while you’re away.

Not to mention, there’s always workouts you can do with solely using bodyweight!

BB Cream

BB Cream is the perfect amount of coverup (plus SPF!) to wear on vacation. I hate loading up my face with makeup when I’m out on the beach or hiking or elsewhere when I travel. BB cream gives you some coverage but isn’t as thick on your skin so it can actually breathe.

Book or Magazine

I always keep at least 2 magazines with me when I travel. These are great to read on a flight or just sitting poolside relaxing! It’s nice to unplug yourself and immerse yourself in a story or catch up on the celeb gossip.


Essential if your on a long flight or road trip with surrounding unwanted noises, enough said.

Makeup Wipes

Just because you’re off your regular skincare routine, doesn’t mean you should skip out on ensuring that you remove all dirt and makeup from your face. This is important to prevent breakouts. Makeup wipes are the easiest thing to pack and use to quickly get all the gunk off!


Yes, I still use a camera that’s not attached to my phone! I bought a Nikon camera two years ago, before our trip to Jamaica, to capture breathless pictures of our paradise. I bought this because I’ve been getting into photography since then so don’t think this is a requirement to get amazing pictures. The cameras on phones have gotten pretty damn good too! 

Just be sure to document everything in whichever way you can!


Keep your body regulated when you’re away! Fastest and easiest way? Vitamins! Especially Probiotic vitamins. I found these Purely Probiotic vitamins by Olly at Target. They are good for your immune system and digestive system. Probiotic vitamins well help keep your gut regulated while you’re out indulging in different foods.

Just wanted to show you guys a peak in my suitcase, kinda like those “What’s in my Purse/Gym Bag?” YouTube videos. I hope this helps you for your next vacation!

Stay tuned for my travel vlog 🙂