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First Stitch Fix Experience: Honest Review

An un-affiliated, honest review of Stitch Fix from a normal gal who loves her clothes and a good deal. 

Subscription boxes are becoming my downfall in this world. Getting a box of goodies each month or 4 times out of the year without leaving my house?! Sounds like a dream—but luckily—this is the reality we know today. There are tons of different boxes you can get (most customized to you and your preferences) ranging from snacks, clothes, beauty products, and even toys and treats for your furry friends!

Today I welcome you to one of the growing subscription boxes for fashion. Meet Stitch Fix.


The Important Details:

What is Stitch Fix and How Does it Work?

Stitch Fix is, essentially, a virtual styling service for both men and women. When a user signs up, a style profile is submitted to a stylist that hand picks 5 pieces that matches the user’s personal style. These pieces include clothing items as well as shoes and other accessories.  The style profile submitted determines what the user likes and dislikes as well as what he or she normally wears or a particular style or patterns they are willing to try.

A ‘fix’ is then scheduled and delivered straight to the user’s address, which can be a one-time thing or can be set up on an ongoing delivery schedule and a fix will be delivered once a month.


Then, it’s like Christmas! Five new pieces are received and can be tried on at leisure to see if they will be integrated into his/her wardrobe. The return process is easy! The fix includes a prepaid envelope from the USPS. Keep what you want and return what you don’t and you obviously have to pay for what you keep.

For each fix, $20 is taken for a styling fee. This money is used towards the fix and is deducted from the total price of the items that are kept. This credit does not roll over to the next fix if it isn’t used.

When checking out online, there is a review section to fill out. Keeping it as detailed as possible allows the stylist to make the next fix even better and more tailored to the user’s personal style.

How Much Does it Cost?

No matter what, the fix will cost at least the $20 styling fee. From there, it depends on what each item is listed at. The total of the items you keep will be added up and sent to checkout.

Pertaining to the items themselves, feedback can be sent regarding the prices of the items received. Users are able to say if the price is too high, too low, or just right for each item. The stylist takes these notes into consideration for next time. There is also a section of the style profile in which each user sets a particular budget for what they would pay for each type of items in the fix.

If all items from the fix are purchased, there is a 25% discount automatically applied at checkout.

Returns are always free since a prepaid USPS return envelope is included.

What Sizes Are Available?

Luckily, Stitch Fix offers a wide range of sizes and promises to increase this range. Currently, sizes 0-24W and XS-3X are offered for Stitch Fix women. There are also petite and maternity sizes available.  

How Often Do I Get a Fix?

A fix can be scheduled at different frequencies including: every 2-3 weeks, every month, every other month, and every 3 months. It does not require a monthly subscription.

My First Fix

In my style profile, I mentioned that my work dress code is pretty casual and that I would like to see nice tops I can pair with jeans. I also chose that I like boho style and that I mostly wear casual outfits.

I received my first fix at the end of January. I received: one blouse, one sweater, one jacket, one pair of jeans, and a purse.

First Impressions

I liked everything in my fix right off the bat except the jeans. This is just a general rule of thumb for me, that jeans are hard to shop for. StitchFix only asks for one size for each type of garment instead of providing a range. I’m usually a 4 or 6 depending on the store so it’s hard to pinpoint it to one size when Stitch Fix is pulling from many different stores and boutiques with varying sizing charts.


The jeans just didn’t fit correctly. They were labeled as a skinny jean but fit more like a straight jean and just wasn’t flattering. Needless to say, these ended up in the ‘return’ pile.

army green jacket

The jacket was great and in-line with current trends. It was an army green jacket with a hood. This fit a little tighter than I like my jackets to be. I want a jacket to fit loose so I can layer pieces underneath without feeling restricted. I would have kept it but I already had a similar jacket. This joined the jeans in the return pile.

red blouse

The blouse was so cute and very boho! It was in a dark red which my closet is lacking, so I was excited to see something different. This is a perfect shirt for work or to dress up jeans on a date night. I was going to purchase this but didn’t give myself that much of a budget to spend on Stitch Fix.

tan purse

The bag was a tan, oversized hobo crossbody bag, which is literally my favorite kind of bag. It was perfect because I’ve been wanting to get a tan bag for awhile now but haven’t found one that jumped out at me. When this bag came in the fix, I knew I had to purchase it. This was one of the items I decided to keep.

slouchy sweater

Lastly, the sweater was oversized with an open back and nice detailing. It was slouchy and black and white (my favorite colors LOL). I knew this would be perfect with my black bralette underneath since the open back could show off the detailing of the bralette. The perfect thing about Stitch Fix is that I was able to grab the bralette and pair the two together right then and there. It looked awesome and the sweater was so comfortable. This item was a must have in my closet and I have happily worn it about 5 times since purchasing!

Overall Thoughts

Stitch Fix is a great service! It’s so cool that there are actually stylists who hand pick each piece just for your personal style and preferences. Each fix gets tailored more and more to your specific tastes so they improve each time.

The pieces are more expensive than I would like. I like getting clothes with discounts and deals, but Stitch Fix doesn’t offer any. The quality is reflective of the price so you are getting clothes that will last and none of them are cheaply made. I would say the average price per item, in my experience, is $50.

It’s also nice to be able to try the ‘fix’ pieces on with items you already have in your wardrobe. This gives you a chance to see if you can actually incorporate the piece with what you own already.

The best part about Stitch Fix is that you don’t have to put in any effort when it comes to shopping. All the work is done for you! You just get to sit back and wait for the fix to arrive at your door.