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Party Time: Rummy Bears Recipe

Rummy Bears are such a quick boozy treat all your friends will go crazy about at the party! 

College was a time of discovery for me, like it was for many others. I discovered what subjects I liked. I discovered a little about who I am as a person. But the most valuable thing I discovered was fun, boozy treats (just kidding…kind of). These are the Jell-O shots with vodka, pudding shots, shot syringes, and my favorite, rummy bears with—you guessed it—rum.

I love a good party, but what I love more is making these fun little boozy treats for my friends! And this is my most requested out of them all! (even though I made some bangin’ pudding shots for Halloween :/ )

I used to be savage about it and make all the gummy bears in one Tupperware container and one spoon for all of us to share. This past time making them, I got a little more professional and bought the little shot ramekins to store them in. You can find these at some liquor stores and Target. I found mine at Target near the plastic cutlery and paper plates.

What to Get

For this recipe, you want to get two bags of gummy bears. Now I’m talking the large bags, not the ones you can snag for $1 hanging up on the shelf. This quantity is perfect for the amount of alcohol being added to it, but you can always cut the recipe in half if you don’t want to make as much.  

For the booze, use your preference in rum. Personally, I like these to actually taste flavorful without being like alcohol overload. My go-to is Malibu, specifically Malibu mango flavored. This time, I was so disappointed and heartbroken because they didn’t have Mango!! I opted for the Passion Fruit flavor and it didn’t make too much of a difference. I buy a fifth of the rum.

These will take you all about 5 minutes to prepare, then it’s a matter of letting them soak for 48 hours.

How to Make

Dump out the 2 packages of gummy bears into a large Tupperware container. Pour about ¾ of the bottle of Malibu into the container. You can use the entire bottle but be cautious because they turn out super boozy. I just did this because I was like why not?! It made a difference though. It went from tasty to just tolerable and you want these to be tasty!!

Stir the bears into the alcohol so that they all get equally covered. Put them in the fridge. You want to make these at least 48 hours before consuming them or before your event.

Continuously check on them every 8+ hours and stir them each time. You’ll notice the bears will get fatter each day – they will start to soak up the alcohol.

The reason you want to soak them for at least 48 hours is to get them nice and soft. I was in a hurry and only soaked them for about 36-40 hours and the centers were still very chewy. It was like the opposite of a Gusher because the outside was so soft.  

After the bears have soaked, divide them between the plastic ramekins. I fill it to the top and leave some of the remaining alcohol in each one so it gets extra time to soak it all up!

Enjoy responsibly!

PSA: I know I preach a healthy and fit lifestyle, and that’s just what this is: a lifestyle. Enjoy a drink now and again! Have fun with your friends and drink socially (and responsibly) if that’s what you want to do on the weekends! It’s okay to indulge every now and again, just don’t go on a bender every night. That’s not good for anyone.