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Experience Diaries: Firefly Music Festival 2017

My first ever Firefly experience

For those who don’t know, Firefly is a music festival that takes place in the middle of June at the Dover International Speedway in Delaware. It’s a 4-day music festival featuring top artists of various genres. You camp out in the fields the entire time, whether that’s in a tent, RV, or some form of glamping.

The 2017 Firefly Music Festival was my first ever Firefly experience. My boyfriend had consistently went for the past 3-4 years and I decided I wanted to try it and see what all the hype was about.

We went group camping with at least 20 or so people consisting of my boyfriend’s friends and their mutual friends, as well as one of my best friends and myself. I invited my friend, Julie, to go with me because I knew she would be down to try it with me and could brave it out. We honestly had no idea what to expect.

Here’s the lineup of artists that performed at the 2017 Firefly Music Festival:

Day 1:

We had the camping package from Thursday until Sunday. We arrived early in the afternoon on Thursday and parked outside of the Dover Speedway. Our first task was unpacking the car and setting up our campsite. I obviously was ready to get this done as soon as possible so we could all relax, drink, and hangout. However, the distance from our car to our camp spot was pretty far and we had to make many trips to make sure we got everything. Hand carrying and walking multiple tents, chairs, tables, beer cases, alcohol, etc. was a lot!

Fast-forward and we were finally all there hanging out, drinking the afternoon away – it was such a great time! It was hot outside but still breezy out, which was nice.

That night, we went to a silent disco because we didn’t know the artists that were performing. If you don’t know, silent discos are pretty cool: you get headphones that play the DJ’s music and you go to the dance floor and dance to your own beat, literally.

At Firefly, their silent disco was held in a cleared out space in the woods with a stage for the DJs. There were two different stations that you could listen to for the corresponding DJ. It was hard to get my friends and I all on the same station so that we could dance crazy together. At one point, I started wandering around and saw that the gate blocking off the stage wasn’t closed all the way and went in and went up on stage. Other girls figured this out too and we were all on stage with the DJs which was so much fun! I’m notorious for getting on stages :)! This was the best night of my trip! Highly recommend checking out a silent disco if you can!

Morale: high

Day 2:

The weather drastically changed from warm and breezy to just hot and a sweaty mess. No shower and I was beginning to feel gross but anyways…

One of the best concerts I’ve seen took place today! I had only listened to Twenty One Pilots’ songs on the radio and never dove into their albums but OMG I was missing out! Their performance was so incredible and entertaining. Both the members were doing crazy stunts and running around on stage. It was filled with high energy and everyone was digging it. I’ve actually watched the YouTube video quite a few times since seeing it in person (shown below)! Another recommendation: go see Twenty One Pilots!!

Morale: decent

Day 3:

Still gross and sweaty and getting creative with my hairstyles. I’ve learned that it’s very difficult to change inside of the tent.

Morale: low

This night we saw Kesha, The Weeknd, and Chance the Rapper.

Julie and I were super pumped for Kesha – we’ve been big fans ever since Tik Tok came out. She played some of her beginning stuff up until pre-Praying, which kind of left us disappointed. It was unfortunate timing to see Kesha because it was before her most recent album came out. She sang her old stuff but in a weird rock-n-roll kind of way. It wasn’t the Kesha I knew or expected. Then two of our friends got pick-pocketed so we were ready for The Weeknd.

The Weeknd sounded exactly as he does on the radio as when he’s performing on stage. He has such a beautiful voice and really killed the show! Unfortunately, Selena Gomez didn’t show up. (Note: they were dating back then in case anyone forgot)

Chance the Rapper started at like midnight so I was pretty tired then and his music wasn’t helping my case lol. He was great on stage as well and played I’m the One which was awesome! Obviously the whole crowd was standing but I wish everyone decided to sit and chill because that’s the kind of vibe Chance is.

Day 4:

Sunday had finally come. I was the sweatiest, smelliest, and hottest I think I have ever been in my life. Everyone around me was super hungover. I was just ready to go home at this point.

Morale: extremely low

We originally planned to go to a couple shows but Julie and I convinced my boyfriend to go home around 3 in the afternoon. We hung out with everyone until then but just couldn’t make it in the venue.

As soon as I got back to my apartment, I took the longest shower I have in awhile and vegged out on the couch for the rest of the night. The shower felt like such a luxury!! And luckily I had the next day off from work, too, to recover.

Overall thoughts: 

The last day of the festival I was so miserable I wanted to leave in the morning just because I wanted a nice long, cool shower and lots of sleep. Looking back though, it was a great experience with great friends, which I took for granted in the moment. It’s one of the few times a year everyone in that group can get together for a long weekend. I saw amazing artists that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. I think I will go back again this year but may or may not consider staying in a hotel.