Hi! My name is Tara Lofton and I am the blogger behind Just Tara Things. I created a lifestyle blog to simply share my life with you. I want to share my fitness journey, travel adventures, daily outfits, etc. to (hopefully) inspire something within each person who comes across this blog.

Just Tara Things is a place that houses all of my interests into one place: fashion, fitness, wellness, beauty, travel, DIY, and design. I hope you’re able to take something away from this and enjoy this as much as I do!

I’m an horror movie enthusiast, moscato drinker, and avid Netflix/Hulu binger (who isn’t??). I love being creative, putting together outfits, and traveling to tropical locations. I try to seek out the fun everywhere I go and with everything I do.

I think of myself as a fairly positive person but I’m also extremely clumsy, have bad luck, and something bad always happens to me but more so in a comical/entertaining way.

Why Have a Lifestyle Blog?

I started making a Health & Fitness blog anonymously for the past couple months. It felt like I was forcing myself to be someone I’m not. I like sharing health tips, recipes, and workouts but at the end of the day, I’m not a professional. I’m not even close to it!

There was also the issue of anonymity. I thought this would be better for readers so they’re not coming back to my blog just because of what I look like, what I don’t look like, etc. I wanted readers to read the information I put out there and not have any judgments about who I am.

I figured out that the only way to really resonate with readers is to be more vulnerable and put myself out there. I want to share my life. I want to share my creativity. I want to share my interests. I want to share anything and everything that will help a reader out or inspire a reader to do something. Even if that’s just one person!

A lifestyle blog encapsulates everything I’m looking to share with the world. It can basically include anything I want to and I’m not confined to one little snippet of life. I’m free to talk about fashion, beauty, DIY, health & fitness, nutrition, etc.! I will be copying over most of the posts from my other blog so just FYI if by some chance any of you have seen my other blog.

Stay tuned if you’d like and let me share my life with you!


**I am not a professional when it comes to fitness and health. I just want to share tips, workouts, recipes, etc. that have helped me in my fitness journey.**