Fitness YouTubers You Should Know

Providing you a list of my favorite fitness ladies to follow (and subscribe to!) on YouTube.

These ladies provide so many workout ideas, a lot of motivation, meal prep recipes, and just all-around positive vibes! Here’s some in-depth information of my Top 3 YouTubers and then some others below for you to check out.

Whitney Simmons

Whitney Simmons is a fitness YouTuber and Gymshark athlete based in Utah. She focuses on weightlifting workouts, HIIT routines, meal prep ideas, with some beauty and clothing hauls thrown in the mix. She has such a high energy and is easy to relate to. Whitney really helped me get into more of the weightlifting scene at the gym. She has so many workout ideas that can be found on her Instagram or YouTube channel. Instead of vlogging like other fitness YouTubers, Whitney’s videos are short and to the point. They get straight to the workout which is awesome! I love that you don’t have to scroll to find the workout part of the video. All the exercises are listed in the description box of the video for quick access or to screenshot it for the gym!

She has started a merchandise line and a collaboration with Tula as well!

Sarahs Day

Sarah Stevenson is the Austrailian vlogger behind Sarahs Day. She believes in natural, holistic remedies to conquer any sickness she’s facing, as well as improving her hormonal acne (which is how her channel started!). She’s a Paleo-based eater and all the recipes she shares are normally gluten-free, dairy-free, mostly vegan and refined sugar free. Sarah focuses more on bodyweight movements and plyometrics in her workouts as opposed to strictly weightlifting.

She has her own workout e-book called Sweat It To Shread It, which is an “8-Week active lifestyle challenge”. I have purchased this myself but haven’t had a chance to do it yet! Once I do, I will post a review of it, but I’m sure I will love it!

Sarah has also just recently released a fitness line with White Fox Boutique.


Cassey Ho is the creator of this fitness empire, Blogilates. Blogilates started out small and has taken over the Internet! Cassey is filled with so much positivity that radiates out from her videos. She posts Pilates videos and no equipment is necessary, just a yoga mat if you have on! If you sign up for her newsletter on Blogilates, she sends you a free workout calendar every month. This calendar has the different YouTube videos to watch and complete on that particular day.

In addition to her YouTube channel and her blog, Cassey also has a PIIT28 fitness program and a 28-Day Reset Nutrition Program available for purchase. The PIIT28 program is like HIIT, but with Pilates moves. Each workout is only 28 minutes long. The 28-Day Reset is similar to the Whole30 program in which you eliminate all dairy, gluten, alcohol, processed grains, and added sugars. Each of these are slowly added back into your diet. From this, you are able to tell which foods cause issues with your stomach and start eating in a way that eliminates that!

And if that isn’t enough, Cassey has her own fitness clothing line called POPFLEX Active.

Other Fitness YouTubers to Follow:

Tone it Up

Power fitness duo Karena and Katrina run this huge Tone It Up Community! Check out their workouts on YouTube that uses minimal equipment or check out their app!

Brittany Dawn Fitness

Has all the Starbucks secrets! As well as workouts, meal ideas, the works!

Nicki Blackketter

Another fitness vlogger that’s part of the Gymshark family!

Boho Beautiful

For the yogis looking for full workouts!

An all-around great resource for all things weightlifting: workouts, meal prep, supplement information, exercise dictionary – they’ve got it all!

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